h collection

essential aesthetics, same approach but raising the quality in the choice of materials to the olympus. natural stone, paying homage to a classic material, crafted from a single block of stone, soft to the touch yet impressively robust, its distinctive push-pull opening system provides clean, minimalist lines while maintaining a single-material look. freestanding bathtubs and sinks are a secret seduction, understated yet sophisticated, exuding luxury and timelessness. a collection created by enthusiast s for enthusiasts. proudly handmade in spain.

the most outstanding and exclusive collection, the h collection is made up of two lines of furniture, the aura and anima modules. two modular collections that share a main element, natural stone.
aura modules are designed to offer flexibility and can be combined to create the length that your project requires, available with two finishes on the fronts, smooth and grooved, as rails, giving three-dimensionality to the surface and occupying the furniture with a ” pleated” that visually lightens it. the anima modules, fully integrated, with an elegant opening of less than 45º, a subtle and elegant solution, have been designed to give versatility to your bathroom and/or living room project.
the collection is completed by the new freestanding washbasins and freestanding bathtubs, made entirely of natural stone from a solid block, made entirely by hand from start to finish.


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