kamu collection

a collection with a robust character as well as subtle and different where the top and sides are joined without any type of seam together with the elegance provided by a well-made front opening at 45º determine a collection characterized by the presence of regular geometries and cadenced that exude craftsmanship.

a modular collection of furniture with an important graphic sign that becomes a geometric decoration to enhance the materiality of the surfaces and enhance the volume of the containers. the kamu collection revolves around a precious countertop with the same name as the collection. 

the kamu countertop, made of our SOLIDSILK solid surface, is a large washbasin with a unique slope towards the drain, placed in the center of the countertop and not visible thanks to a subtle trim cover. perfectly designed to be supported on the furniture in the collection, is available in two formats: without side panels for compositions between walls and with side panels in the same finish as the countertop, without any type of visible joint.the worktop can be equipped with shelves that can be freely positioned along its entire length.

pedrerae is made of our SOLIDSILK and has a full of posible cutomizations to make it fit on to any project. the most versatile bathtub ready to be encasted to the floor, freestanding or between walls. pedrerae can have a large variations of open shelves. useful spaces to organize books, objects or accessories and personalize your experience. made to measure with a handcrafted finished.


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